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Ecotourism Promotion is an environmentally & community concerned promotion agency and an ecotourism advocate wing of the largest Kenya tourism destination mainly promoting all the tourism activities/ventures that conform to ecotourism principles. It is a pioneering partnership between local community, eco tourism enterprises and dynamic local professional conservationists who believes in ecotourism principles and to show that the local community can thrive, not just survive, by managing their ecosystem wisely.

Ecotourism Promotion charges a conservation fee for all  Eco activities booked in every tourist destination in kenya and the fee submitted to each Registered Ecosystem Trust approved by our partners which will go a head in funding and operating programs that promote sustainable economic benefits from conserving this ecosystem; lease payments for conservancy zones, carbon credits, payments for watershed protection, sustainable ecotourism, wildlife monitoring and security, conservation and tourism employment and also working with local communities to help them either prolong or return to a symbiotic relationship with their surroundings and the species they share it with.—these are just some of the ways we create a cutting edge model of successful community-based conservation.

Today, it is quite a force to be reckoned with, having established itself as an independent niche agency working very closely with national and private conservation agencies, the local community, tour operators, hospitality establishments, environmental organization, wildlife agencies/organizations, county/ national governments meticulously promoting and designing tailor made destination activities that respects the ecotourism principles.